Sunday, September 4, 2011

"No Man But A Blockhead . . .

. . . ever wrote, except for money." This 18th century admonition from the famously erudite Samuel Johnson looms above my laptop these days like a disapproving literary agent urging me to stop all the bloggy blockheading I have been at these past eight months and get down to something bankable.

This does not mean that I'm asking you, dear reader, to send me your spare pennies, but it does mean that I'm searching for a publisher who might be interested in a book expanded from the thirty-plus musings I've posted since Diane and I embarked on our global Wanderjahr last January. I'm pursuing leads already, but all suggestions welcome.

As for this week's post, this is it. Watch for my next entry September 16, and weekly thereafter, the good Dr. Johnson to the contrary notwithstanding.

Thanks for staying tuned.