Saturday, March 30, 2013

New Title, New Book

Many readers who had kind words for A Brother’s Version, the memoir I recently serialized here, asked when it would appear as a book. The answer is soon, with the new title you see here on the fine cover designed by my friend Malcolm Frouman. . . .

. . . .This re-edited, reformatted e-book version is much easier to read than the blog installments and will be available before April is out at Amazon and other retailers. Printed copies will also be available in the next few weeks; people have already begun signing up for these, so please let me know if you want one (or more!) and I’ll add you to the list.

I wrote After the Barn because I hoped doing so would shake loose memories long suppressed, which to a revelatory extent it did. I also successfully unearthed facts about my brother's treatment at the Orthogenic School, Bruno Bettelheim's home for emotional disturbed children at the University of Chicago, and learned how our parents coped with Stephen's mental illness and with his devastating death, at age eleven. Completing the memoir provided many answers, as well as a measure of catharsis, and it was gratifying to hear from many readers who found that the narrative helped them better understand family trials they, too, had faced. I hope new readers also will find the memoir both compelling and salutary, and look forward to your comments and to exchanging ideas. Anyone curious to read a sample of the book will find Chapter I at my website:


I launched You're Only Old Once in December 2010 just before Diane, my intrepid wife, and I embarked on a trip around the world. We were gone from our Manhattan apartment for just shy of a year, traveling through China, Singapore, Vietnam, Cambodia, Turkey, Italy, Austria, Germany, France and England. Our journey put us on nine airplanes, eight intercity trains, countless buses, trams and subway cars, and one boat up the Rhine. We dined out at least 400 times and slept in 28 different beds–that is, if you count the two other foreign countries we visited: California and Brooklyn. During this Wanderjahr, I posted thirty-plus weekly travel vignettes, all of which (with photos) are in the 2011 archive on your left, in reverse chronological order. And what, you may well ask, prompted us to undertake this mad expedition? Well, for starters Jane Fonda and Ludwig van Beethoven.