Wednesday, June 5, 2013


One thing I didn't count on when I self-published my new book, After the Barn, was the chance to read in public. Whenever I'd read from my earlier books, such arrangements always had been made by the well-oiled publicity department of my publishing house. Now I was on my own, with nary a PR coddler in sight. What to do?

Well, ask Chris Doeblin, the lanky empresario of Book Culture, the superlative independent bookstore in my Upper West Side neighborhood, if he'd like to host a reading and signing. Sure, he said, without a blink. Now, suddenly, the event is upon me: tomorrow, June 6, at 7 P.M., details here.

Book Culture's warm reception emboldened me to try other venues, and so far so good. On June 10, I'll be reading, signing and answering questions at the Talbot County Free Library in Easton, Maryland. Why Easton? Because Diane Walsh, my pianist wife, will be performing there at the Chesapeake Chamber Music Festival, and for the past three decades I have been, if nothing else, her dedicated roadie.

I've also opened discussions with Jack Cella, manager of the Seminary Co-op Bookstore at the University of Chicago, to read there once the academy revs up again in the fall. I'm particularly eager to appear there, for I grew up in the neighborhood and much of After the Barn is set there (see, for example, the first two chapters, here.)

Did I mention that Book Culture will be serving wine and cheese tomorrow? Hope to see many of you there.